Miscanthus Has Superpowers

Our Equine Elite Bedding is produced using 100% British grown Miscanthus.

Miscanthus is the perfect crop to be used for equine bedding as its capable of absorbing up to three times its own weight in liquid.

Miscanthus is also very beneficial to wildlife as it acts as an excellent wildlife cover. The permanent crop provides shelter to numerous animals. An improved biodiversity of small mammals and insects will also provide food for wildlife.

However, what is truly awesome about Miscanthus is its ability to absorb Co2. The Miscanthus crop acts like a sink swallowing up carbon in order to grow up to 10m in height – for every tonne of Miscanthus produced it can absorb 3.42 tonnes of Co2, thus making Miscanthus a carbon negative crop to grow and process – what Co2 it absorbs outweighs any Co2 produced in the harvesting and processing of it.

So, in short not only do the features of Miscanthus make this THE best equine bedding product on the marketplace performance wise but also THE most environmentally friendly option – we are working to have zero plastic in our packaging so this can truly be THE no.1 environmentally friendly solution. Watch this space!


Pig and Poultry – A great show for IEC

Yet again, the Pig & Poultry Fair on 10th & 11th May proved to be a great success for IEC.  Not only did we get to catch up with many existing customers at this super event held at Stoneleigh Park, but we also got to meet some new faces.  Much conversation was had about Combined Heat & Power (CHP), explaining it and the numbers, plus the usual levels of interest in biomass heating and our poultry bedding product ‘Softlay’.  Thanks to all those who called in to the stand for a drink and cake – it was great to see you!

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