IEC Equine Solutions becomes ethos – Greener, Cleaner Feed & Bedding

IEC Equine Solutions rebrands to ethos; green and clean bedding and feed.

Family owned and operated, IEC has been growing Miscanthus since 2005 as part of their 100% British farming and manufacturing business. Until recently it was largely sold as an energy crop fuel for power plants. However, Miscanthus’s properties including its ultra-absorbency and its carbon negative growing process make it the perfect product for equine and pet bedding.

Miscanthus is a carbon negative crop to grow; for every tonne of Miscanthus grown it absorbs three tonnes of carbon. Miscanthus never needs to be ploughed or replanted therefore the carbon doesn’t get released – making it the most environmentally friendly bedding product on the marketplace, and far outweighing the environmental credentials of wood shavings, pellets and alike. Additionally, Miscanthus can hold 3 times its own weight in liquid, enabling horse and pet owners to look after their animals in a more economical way.

Keith Wilson, Managing Director of ethos remarks; “We grow crops that are extremely eco-friendly and to not use them to their full potential would be missing out on a huge opportunity to be part of the solution in creating a more environmentally friendly future for the planet and our children. We have chosen to launch ethos as an innovative new brand with the aim of disrupting the current equine and pet bedding and feed marketplaces, and really making consumers think about what they are buying and whether the process behind producing it is environmentally friendly.”

The ethos vision continues through the entire brand, with a commitment to reduce the use of packaging, green power, eco haulage solutions and zero single use plastics throughout the company, with more new initiatives and improvements planned as the brand grows.

ethos’s introductory ranges will include Smart Bedding and Feeds for horses and pets, all of which will share the same environmental vision of being as ecologically sound as possible while offering the very finest products available.

The company chose to launch their new brand and vision at BETA International and were thrilled to receive Highly Commended in the Innovation Awards for their action on Sustainability. Katie Redfern, Marketing Executive comments “We couldn’t ask for more! Day one of our brand launch and we are thrilled but shocked to receive the award. The judges noted that they liked our innovative use of scents (Eucalyptus, Citronella and Lavender) in our bedding as well as the sustainable credentials of the product and our businesses direction. We received great feedback from stockists and customers that visited our stand at BETA – it was an excellent start to the launch of ethos – greener, cleaner feed and bedding.”