IEC Heat Solutions opens East Anglian office

One of the West Midlands’ leading experts in biomass boiler installations has established a new office in Norfolk to serve poultry farmers and those drying grain throughout East Anglia.

IEC Heat Solutions has been involved with over 300 successful biomass installation projects across the country to date. It has now expanded its geographical footprint so it can also design and install multi-fuel boilers for the East Anglian market.

IEC’s Managing Director, Keith Wilson, explained: “Our involvement in the biomass market and large scale farming operations has been invaluable in helping other farm businesses to move away from a reliance on expensive, unsustainable fossil fuels to more affordable alternatives that capture government support payments for up to 20 years.

“Our multi-fuel boilers are flexible and can easily burn different types of biomass, ensuring ‘fuel security’ and competitiveness as prices fluctuate, providing an effective and sustainable heating solution for the farming community.”

IEC figures show heating systems using big baled straw at 15% moisture – whether wheat or oilseed rape – can achieve fuel costs of just 1.5p per kWh compared with 2p per kWh for miscanthus and Grade A recycled woodchip. More expensive fuel such as virgin woodchip work out at approx. 3p per kWh and wood pellets work out at 4.5p per kWh. Keith Wilson added: “It may only look like a difference of a few pence, but when multiplied by thousands of kWh over a course of a year, it is a significant saving. For large arable growers in the Eastern Counties, there is an opportunity to utilise surplus straw to achieve consistently low heating bills rather than relying solely on selling straw into the unpredictable commodity market each year.”

IEC’s Eastern manager, Lindsey Read, said: “IEC offers full turnkey installations from initial feasibility study through to RHI accreditation, with biomass boilers and feed systems that can burn all biomass fuels.  We are very keen to speak to poultry growers and the farmers drying grain in the east. We want to show them not only the level of savings they could make but also to highlight how biomass can provide a potential income stream.”

IEC be contacted at Ironside Way, Norwich Road, Hingham, Norwich, Norfolk NR9 4LF, 01953 850207,