NFU Poultry Forum – Miscanthus a useful alternative to shavings

“I would also endorse other users, who have found that it doesn’t stick to the floors so it is easier to clean out and overall it is slightly more economical financially than other bedding materials.” “I cannot fault IEC in their delivery of the product or their professionalism.

All their lorries are immaculate and the specialised walking floor and rear walking tailboard is really good.” The delivery vehicle is disinfected on arrival to the farm and also when leaving, guaranteeing excellent biosecurity.

Sam Kenworthy of IEC adds that Softlay has been tested and shown to have a noticeably lower microbiological load than most poultry bedding materials and that every batch of Softlay bedding is fully traceable back to the exact field from which it was produced. “From an environmental point of view, once miscanthus has been planted no fertilisers or chemicals are required to grow the crop, making this a perfectly natural product for poultry bedding.

Miscanthus will keep producing for well over 20 years in which time the crop is continuously sequestering carbon in the soil – meaning that Softlay bedding is actually carbon neutral which all helps when we’re being asked to reduce our carbon footprint.” says Sam. As Peter summarises, “Softlay doesn’t suit all situations, for example one of our staff suffers from mild hay fever and miscanthus hasn’t suited him quite so well, but it is fantastic to have an alternative product that is sustainable and carbon neutral. It is a very good bedding product especially at chick stage and I can thoroughly recommend it and IEC as a company.”