IEC design and install turnkey Ground Source Heating projects for a wide range of uses, from poultry house heating, to grain drying, refrigeration and glasshouse heating.  Ground Source is beginning to catch up with the popularity of biomass heating in the renewable energy market, due to lower attendance requirements- whilst scheduled maintenance is completed, the technology requires very little operating or running by the site.  Plus, any business with potential issues around emissions and fuel deliveries will benefit from the installation of low-emission heat pumps, which only require a base load of electric for running.

Our tried and tested ground Source heating packages are designed to maximise performance and run at a much higher efficiency than traditional ground source systems.


  • RETRO-FIT onto your existing dryer
  • Ability to COOL grain before storage
  • NO fuel deliveries
  • NO air emissions


  • CHILL and HEAT simultaneously
  • Replace your electric costs with an INCOME
  • NO fuel deliveries
  • NO air emissions


  • Heat with WARM FRESH AIR and COOL in summer
  • HUMIDITY control & LOWER CO2
  • NO fuel deliveries
  • NO air emissions


  • INTEGRATE with existing heating and distribution
  • Optimise relative HUMIDITY CONTROL
  • NO fuel deliveries
  • NO air emissions

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Poultry farm Herefordshire

Manager / Poultry farm Herefordshire

We had a full turnkey biomass heating package from IEC Heat Solutions into six existing poultry houses. From the installation engineers to the surveyor, they were most helpful and your installation team got the job done very efficiently. The electrician explained what was going to happen on the day and was able to answer any questions I had. The 995kW Linka boiler with a multi fuel feeding system is working at top efficiency.

Richard Williams

Owner / Lyonshall

I was thoroughly impressed with the IEC team’s obvious knowledge and their attention to detail throughout. It’s also reassuring to know that they are still on hand 24/7, should I ever need them.



IEC Heat Solutions’ commitment is unbelievable and they are very professional from start to finish. I love working with them: they can’t do enough to help. The whole package, everything about boilers, has been first rate. IEC is a real can do company and I know Keith would not tolerate second best.

Farm Owner

Manager / Hertfordshire

As arable farmers, we chose IEC because of their demonstrable experience and passion in making straw work as a biomass fuel. It’s early days but we are very confident this has been the right decision. The team has been extremely committed, working long hours to meet tight deadlines. The service engineers have been brilliant in ensuring that everything continues to work well and that our team is confident in operating all of the biomass equipment. We’re pleased with our multi-fuel feed system, which can take Hesston bales or woodchip.

Andrew Davies

Manager / Herefordshire

I chose IEC because of their ability to engineer systems which suit the needs of different customers, as no two farms are ever the same. The commitment from all the team is unbelievable. They can’t do enough to help you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody.

George Rees

Owner / Hampshire

I’m delighted with how everything has gone and the system has lived up to all expectations. Everyone at IEC has been excellent throughout. They are very professional company to work with and, because they are farmers themselves, they are all on the same wavelength as me. I’d happily recommend them to others.