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IEC has been supplying biomass fuels and renewable heating solutions to the commercial sector especially in the poultry industry, for more than 10 years.  With over 250+ biomass boilers systems installed and serviced, you can rely on us to get the best out of your biomass boiler over the longest time possible.

IEC Heat Solutions service and maintenance provision can provide regular boiler servicing to commercial biomass boilers, as well as access to emergency, routine and out of hours maintenance and support. Our biomass engineers will optimise your organisation’s boiler performance, minimise downtime, maximise heat output and thereby protect your RHI support payments.

Commercial biomass boilers require more attention than gas or oil boilers and should be cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure boiler efficiency.  IEC engineers have the knowledge and experience to diagnose faults and recognise when parts are worn and need replacing in order to reduce costly breakdowns and downtime.

About our Services

How frequently your boiler requires servicing will depend on numerous factors such as the type and size of the boiler, usage, and fuel. Our expert engineers will assess your biomass heating system and advise you on the best service interval to suit your needs.

Depending on your heat consumption we would recommend either

  • Annual
  • Biannual
  • 6-8 Week interval (Poultry)

Our standard service includes:




Empty burn chamber
Test water quality and hardness
Visible check on all wiring

Clear boiler heat exchanger tubes

Test pressure switches

Test operation on all e-stops

Test negative pressure

Check PT 100's connections

Test temperature sensors & probes

Test motors, fans & air intakes

Test accumulation/expansion tanks   

Test all safety switches

Clean filters on control cabinets

Test fire suppression

Clean boiler viewing windows

Check system pressure

Check motor & gearbox mountings

Check mains water pressure

Draught fan inspection/test

Check all system pipes for water leaks

Check fan controls & fixing

Clean water filters/ strainers

Test stoker motor alignment

Replace gland seals if necessary

Check oil levels in gear boxes

Check levers & locks

Check and grease all bearings 

Check pumps for leaks and noise

Check bearing seals

Check for wear on bearings

Tidy up & clean boiler room area

Benefits of our service

  • Energy Efficiency – optimises the biomass boilers performance, resulting in savings of up to 35% on running costs.
  • RHI Compliance – allows you to easily demonstrate compliance with RHI regulation requirements to regularly service and maintain your installation
  • Reliability – Prevents boiler and system issues by being proactive and catching problems before they occur
  • Longevity – Ensures the biomass boiler runs efficiently for longer by using approved, genuine parts.
  • Safety – assures the biomass boiler is operating safely, by checking and maintaining all biomass boiler safety devices
  • Technical Phone Support – quick and expert biomass boiler advice available over the phone from one of our experienced technical engineers, to resolve biomass boiler issues without the need of a site visit.
  • Reactive maintenance during service.
  • Out of hours on-call service for remote and on-site technical support
  • Support for managing planned and reactive maintenance, parts supply, and technical support

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