Why choose Renewable Heating?

  • Generate your own sustainable heat without being tied to a specific or costly fuel type
  • Use your own fuel supply and cut reliance on fossil fuels
  • Significantly reduce your energy bills
  • Gain support from government incentives for meeting your onsite heat demand with a cleaner, more sustainable heat
  • Biomass Heating allows you to burn a variety of sustainable fuels dependant on current markets and availability
  • Ground Source Heating gives you to ability to heat any space with no incoming fuel deliveries, waste or emissions

Backed by government incentives, installing eligible heating systems in the place of traditional fossil fuel heating provides farmers with the opportunity to offset some of the initial investment, as well as benefit from the savings made through reduced energy bills.

Why choose IEC for Biomass Heating?

We have a proven track record in the renewables sector and supply reliable products with the flexibility to either burn a wide range of fuels, including cheap feed stock like straw or recycled woodchip, or generate heat with no onsite fuel and a great co-efficiency. We are able to advise our customers on the best system for their needs based on genuine experience, having tested products on our farms first.

We manage all our installations from start to finish and underpin everything we do with first class customer service. Our relationship with our customers does not stop once the installation is complete. We provide a comprehensive aftercare package and advise you on how best to achieve optimum performance from your system. This includes a variety of options from an annual service through to a complete service package with unlimited maintenance call outs and scheduled boiler servicing.  IEC also handle your RHI application through to approval, and will help you to remain compliant for the 20-year accreditation period.