IEC Equine Elite Lucerne is a natural, nutrient rich, high fibre product suitable for horses in all levels of work, including at rest.

Our Lucerne is cut fresh and artificially dried the same day to retain as much goodness as possible. We leave some length to our chop to encourage chewing to support the digestive tract. Artificially dried Lucerne contains more digestible proteins than hay.

OurLucerne is high in protein and calcium to support your horse’s bone and muscle development making it a great product for breeding livestock.

The high level of cartene ensures good resistance, growth and fertility. It also contains more biotin than grass which helps support healthy hoof horn development.

Lucerne has been proven to be a great benefit to horses at risk of gastric ulcers due to its superior buffering capacity as it can reduce acid splash back if horses are fed a small amount before exercise.

 Feeding Guide: Kg/Day

A level Stubbs feed scoop is approximately 0.4kg (400g in dry weight)

IEC Equine Elite Lucerne can be fed up to 1kg (dry weight) a day per 100kg bodyweight. For example a 600kg horse can be fed up to 6kg.

Feed dampened, as with anew feed, introduce gradually and feed according to horses condition and work load.

 Nutritional Information

Ingredients: 100% Dried Lucerne.

Analysis: Digestible Energy: 9 – 10 MJ/KG

Protein %: 16.6

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