Recommended Use

How to use IEC Equine Elite Miscanthus Chip Bedding.

IEC Equine Elite Bedding can be used in the same way as all traditional beddings. However, we would recommend it for a time saving deep litter system.

You will normally require 8-10 bales to start a bed in a standard 12ft x 12ft stable

We recommend a bed depth of approximately 5 inches/ 12 cm.

It may be necessary to lightly water your new clean bed to set it. This helps prevent the bedding moving when the horse lies on it for the first time. Use water sparingly.

Remove droppings on a daily basis and wet patches as required.

It is not necessary to lift and turn all bedding as it is designed to bed down and produce a  firm secure bed.

Top up your horses bed as necessary.

Due to dry nature is usually unpalatable to horses. Has been fat pony tested!!!!