Jo Latham

I have recently tried this bedding for my very wet mares and so far it had been fantastic! I have had one in on box rest and the bedding has been very absorbent and stays in place much better than other bedding I have tried. It is quick and easy to muck out and leaves a clean looking bed after every muck out! My other mare has had dust allergies and I've found that this bedding leaves no dust even when throwing beds up. Great service, great value and great product!

Deborah Ann Parkinson

Have been using IEC Bedding for six weeks now with three youngsters; it is incredibly absorbent-far more than any other bedding I have used in 30+ years of horse ownership-doesn't move about the stable, is economical, odour free and light to work with. The bags are very easy to handle, being so light, and customer service is excellent. Great product!

Paul Stenson

Yard Manager / Reaseheath College

We have started using this bedding on a large scale and I am very impressed at how little wastage there is, the bed stays in place far better than shavings or straw and is so easy to work with. The ultimate plus for me is the amount of time we are saving on mucking out allowing us to spend more time schooling and training. Big Thumbs up!!!

Sally Jones

/ Percival

Lovely dust free meadow grass or Lucerne … ponies love it.....thank you so much!!

Sandra Farrington

After years of using shavings and wood pellets I've started using this bedding and I can honestly say it's the best. I have a mucky 15 "2 That's walks around his stables a lot and is using awful to muck out, not on this bedding, it stays in place hence the churned-up droppings stay on the top halting my mucking out time, reduced wastage another bonus. My 12 hands pony has lots of allergies biggest one is dust mites so again this bedding is brilliant in helping to manage his problems. Delivered to a bonus. My daughter is using it for her guinea pigs alongside IEC meadow grass, again less waste and cost effective, highly recommend IEC Solutions and their products. Very happy animal owners.

Emma Dutton

Been using this bedding for a week now, i have some every dirty horses and would use at least 2 bales a week of shavings per horse, since moving onto IEC Equine i have only had to use 1/2 a bale per horse, which is a big difference for me. Highly recommend IEC Equine.

Courtney Vaughan

About time for a review, I have a fairly wet mare, especially when it’s that time of the month, after a week I have taken half a wheelbarrow out (usually I get a barrow and a half), I was considering not using this bedding purely because my mare has such sensitive skin, but luckily I have had no issues so far, highly recommend this bedding to anyone!

Madison Callaghan

Super bedding! My pony is stabled a lot, so he can easily go through 3 bales of regular shavings a week. He has a much nicer, deeper bed on two bales a week of Equine Elite. It’s considerably easier to muck out than ComfyBed Plus or Easibed, and he is a lot cleaner on it, too.

Heather Klimczak

/ Newcastle Equine Laundry

Love, love, love it. Hate shavings was a massive fan of wood pellets but your bedding is so much easier to use and just as absorbent. Easy to handle bale sizes and great customer service.

Christine Robinson

A little bit late, but a huge "Thank You" on behalf of the Fell Pony Fell Pony Society Display Team and, in particular, my mare Kerbeck Night Whisper for the bedding you supplied for our stables at the Horse of the Year Show. We were impressed by the ease of skipping out and how well any "moisture" was absorbed. Whisper also enjoyed the mint treats and chopped grass. 🙂