Introducing Softlay Bedding

The softer, more absorbent alternative to traditional bedding

Softlay Bedding is much more absorbent, far more consistent and exceptionally softer than traditional bedding. Made from 100 per cent premium quality miscanthus, it is a completely natural, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to wood shavings and other forms of poultry bedding.

As a completely virgin material, it is far superior to the recycled wood, such as broken pallets and kitchen worktops, which can often be found in other bedding. Its soft, consistent particles have a high thermal rating so the bedding absorbs and holds in the heat and creates a warm and comfortable environment.

It is proven to be ultra-absorbent against excess droppings and drinker spillages, which minimises odour and the spread of bacteria. It is also long lasting, easier to maintain and quicker to clean out, creating a far more efficient litter management system.