We are passionate about the work we do.
We take pride in supplying a high quality product to the poultry industry so we are always thrilled to receive great feedback from our customers.

Read through some of the feedback we have received below:


Hilton and Wayne Norman

Poultry farmers / Carlisle

“It’s very uniform and provides just the soft, dry bed we need for day-old chicks. It holds a lot of air, providing a comfortable, warm environment for the chicks to settle into. Because it starts off so dry and has such good moisture absorption it continues to work well throughout the crop. We also appreciate the clean, efficient and professional delivery of IEC’s own moving floor lorries. Added to this, it doesn’t stick to the floors so it’s easy to clean out and we find it’s better for field spreading than wood shavings. All-in-all, we see it as a real advance in our litter management.”

Matt Dalton

Poultry farmer / Shropshire

“As a product we have found it ticks all the right boxes for our farming practices. It is sustainable, affordable, local to our farm, trustworthy and reliable. It produces consistent results with no adverse problems with hock and podo scores. The staff are all well-educated on biosecurity and the needs of each individual site, and they all seem to have the ‘can do’ attitude, which helps in this industry of tight turn arounds.”

Charles Simpson

Poultry farmer / Shropshire

“I trialled Softlay Poultry Bedding next to my existing bedding product and the results were clear to see. A drier, more friable litter throughout the crop. Added to this, I was really surprised to see how far a full load goes.”

Andrew Davies

Poultry farmer / Herefordshire

“Turn rounds are tight so I need to work with reliable people. IEC are always on time, seven days a week, and have always had a proactive approach to meeting the demands of the modern poultry industry.”