IEC Agriculture was born from generations of farming, where diversification of farming types and methods drew together traditional cultivation of combinable crops with the development of Energy Crops, as well as specialist breed beef rearing and broiler poultry growing.

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IEC Agriculture have always been keen to develop and invest in modern technology and the latest farming knowledge and methods to promote the welfare of our animals, the health of our crops and the performance of our farming businesses.

Modern agriculture is full of challenges and always looking for improvement, and we believe that educating the next generation and getting them excited about farming and the varied opportunities and rewards available in the sector is the best way to achieve a business model with longevity and growth in mind.

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Animal Bedding

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IEC Animal Bedding began in 2012 as a advancement of the use of miscanthus crops in the UK, for poultry and equine bedding. This carbon neutral crop can be harvested and processed in a range of ways to make a versatile and sustainable bedding that chickens and horses love!

IEC Beef


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IEC Beef was a return to the sector in 2019 following a break in beef farming since the cattle were last on farm in 2003. The finishing units were designed and built to rear select breed beef stock with the highest level of welfare and performance.

Biomass Heating

Energy Crops

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International Energy Crops (IEC) has been at the forefront of miscanthus planting, agronomy and harvesting since 2004, when the planting of energy crops first became an agenda for UK farming.

Broiler Poultry Consultancy


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Now in it’s 7th year of growth, IEC Poultry was built as a high welfare, advanced broiler farming business, which brought together UK welfare knowledge and standards with advanced biosecurity practices seen across other parts of Europe.

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