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Since first planting Miscanthus in Shropshire in 2004, IEC have developed their own knowledge and expertise in the planting, agronomy and multitude of uses for this hardy and versatile crop. Extensive planting has been successfully established across the UK, France, Italy, Poland and Romania.

IEC have consistently proved the ability of UK Miscanthus to tolerate the most extreme weather conditions as well as the most difficult soils, reinforcing its value in meeting the challenge of climate change. Indeed, due to innovations in preparation, seed stock and agronomy IEC plantings have shrugged off some of the most demanding spring and early summer conditions in recent memory to deliver their best ever establishment.

IEC continue to improve yields on their own 1000 hectares of Miscanthus in Shropshire and North Lincolnshire and develop the produce range of IEC Miscanthus products for their own use and distribution to others:

  • Miscanthus Biomass fuel
  • Miscanthus Poultry bedding
  • Miscanthus Equine bedding – dust extracted and scented
  • Miscanthus Cattle bedding.
Biomass Heating

Better for the farmer, the land and the environment

Crops can be established well, in hard to cultivate and problem areas of the farm, maximising land utility and productivity

Miscanthus is a hardy perennial which requires no cultivation following establishment other than harvesting in the Spring

Costly and environmentally aggressive pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilisers are not required

Miscanthus is a carbon sink which absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere than is emitted during its 20 year cultivation life

A variety of harvesting techniques, machinery and storage options allow an unbeatable range of uses for the end product to suit any farming business

Prepare to grow with quality and precision

Successful Miscanthus growth and continuity comes down to three critical factors – quality rhizome seed stock, the most effective precision planting and first class initial agronomy.

Originally standard industry practice involved fully-automated planting of stored 15-30g rhizomes. After intense trials and development IEC switched to using freshly lifted rhizomes averaging 100-150g apiece, planted through a specially developed four man precision planter.

Vigour testing was introduced to consistently plant rhizomes with 95-100% viability. IEC's rhizomes are specially selected with lots of buds and substantial reserves, giving them great resilience in the face of challenging conditions

  • Essential preparations are undertaken to eliminating compaction, ensuring a firm, fine seedbed and, maintaining top-notch early weed control
  • Custom developed rhizome planters are able to cater for the nobbly, uneven nature of miscanthus rhizomes through manual planting, allowing a consistent spacing and depth for the most vigorous and even establishment
  • The vigorous deep penetrating root system then stands Miscanthus in extraordinarily good stead in tolerating both drought and flooding. Equally, tall and thick stands are highly competitive against even the toughest perennial weeds.

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