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IEC Poultry was developed in 2015 and 2016 when a new state of the art broiler rearing facility was built in Shropshire. After working in the poultry industry for many years, the decision was made to enter this specialist farming sector to bring together years of experience and learning opportunities in order to grow the healthiest and best performing stock possible.

Chick - IEC Poultry

Growing with welfare and security in mind

The 250,000 bird housing was designed to bring together practices from Scandinavia and IEC's own designs and research to build a secure unit where bird health and bio-security are at the heart of the farm.

  • Set inside a large arable complex the four poultry houses are set around a centre secure corridor, allowing staff to move between the different houses without going outdoors.
    • This vastly reduces the need for multiple footwear changes and harsh chemical foot dips as well as protecting against bringing contagious diseases inside of our animal housing.
  • The growing areas and staff areas are equipped with high-tech monitoring equipment and state of the art heating and ventilation systems, allowing staff to respond to the needs of the flock remotely and quickly
  • Traffic to the site is kept outside of the biosecure area, with innovative layout designs allowing feed deliveries to be made outside of the secure compound and transported below ground to the poultry sheds on demand
  • Utilities and infrastructure are set apart, allowing the wider support staff and services to work without worrying about impacting biosecurity or upsetting the birds at sensitive stages of growth

Renewable and clean

Biomass heating ensures that the sheds' temperatures are maintained efficiently and without using dirty fossil fuel heating systems. Indirect dry heating also reduces shed ammonia levels and site emissions.

Ground source heating is utilised on site to pre-heat ventilation air, reducing the load on the biomass boilers and providing an even temperature and comfortable air movement for the birds. Humidity is also controlled, allowing better bedding floor and air conditions to be maintained

The site was fitted with extensive roof mounted PV generation in 2019 to reduce mains power usage. The poultry houses provide the perfect mounting for modern PV arrays. Following a rise in power requirements and recent turbulence in the energy market IEC are investing in further generation with battery to raise the renewable fraction of our power consumption to nearly 75%

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