Solar and Battery Storage

Solar panel and energy storage solutions for commercial and agricultural applications

IEC have been supplying renewable energy solutions to the commercial and agricultural sectors for more than 10 years. With over 250 systems installed and serviced, you can rely on us to design, optimise and install Solar and Battery Energy storage systems to meet specific power systems for individual capacity needs.

Working together we can increase savings and achieve carbon targets with clean energy.

Take control of your energy supply

Solar only, battery only, hybrid systems with Solar and battery storage, generator systems, fully tailored packages for each individual business and energy requirements

Additional benefit of managing your energy load and give control of energy usage and export.

Help businesses take a step in the right direction to net zero for 2050.

Help secure long term energy sustainability in uncertain times

Design, Install, Maintain – from the first contact and design of a bespoke system to the install, our relationship doesn’t end after commissioning the system, we offer comprehensive service packages so that your system and investment will perform for the duration of its lifetime including cleaning of solar panels with robot technology.

Each business and energy requirements are different, we understand this and will design and offer a bespoke package to fully maximise your sites requirements helping you work towards net zero and to take control back of your energy supply.

We are continuing to invest in innovative technologies for cleaner, sustainable power to secure net zero, we keep our clients up to date with the latest technology and offer the best packages to meet your requirements. All systems can be integrated with each other and brought online at anytime.

IEC Energy

We provide bespoke solar energy solutions for the agricultural and industrial sectors which are specified and designed to optimise the potential of generation and usage on each site. Recent disturbance in fossil fuels and energy prices had major repercussions for many businesses, who are now looking to future proof their supply, especially in industries where there is an inherent and unavoidable power requirement.

IEC Energy Solar projects focus on maximizing the potential of what has often previously been a possibility limited by network infrastructure and capacity availabilities. By an innovative balance of:

  • Traditional solar generation, using proven and warrantied technology
  • The latest battery storage with reactive and automatic charge and discharge sequencing
  • Alternative fuel generator production as backup, and to achieve the infrequent peak usage
  • Mains usage when it is beneficial to do so as a top up or to take advantage of cheap night time tariffs

Our packages aim to provide:

  • Price security for 25 years on an average pence per kW basis between all inputs
  • Realistic paybacks meaning that investment and finance are viable possibilities
  • The opportunity to install best possible range of PV generation infrastructure to maximise the renewable fraction of your power usage
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your business to benefit sustainability and help with supply chain scrutiny

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