Animal Bedding

Softlay Poultry Bedding

We specialise in providing poultry growers with exceptionally soft, absorbent and consistent bedding for their broiler houses.

Softlay Bedding is a completely natural, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to wood shavings and other forms of poultry bedding. It has been created with the welfare of birds in mind and is clean, hygienic and helps to enhance biosecurity. It can be delivered in bulk or bales, as and when you need it, and is suitable for all methods of spreading.

IEC Softlay is bedding five million chickens in the UK at any one time.

Higher Quality

  • 100 per cent premium quality miscanthus
  • Soft consistent particle sizes
  • Guaranteed moisture content

Better Bird Welfare

  • Ultra-absorbent against excess droppings and drinker spillages
  • High thermal rating to absorb and retain heat
  • Reduced capping, hock burn and pododermatitis

The Sustainable Option

  • Biodegradable
  • Completely carbon neutral
  • Fully traceable loads

Equine Bedding

Following the hard work of the IEC Equine Bedding team and the runaway success of the sustainable bedding product, ethos bedding was launched in 2019 to focus and synergise the brand and allow development of the product offering. Ethos continues to grow and develop so keep a watch on their page and socials for news and product information

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