Ground Source Heat Pumps

The preferred technology

IEC Energy are approved installers of ground source heat pumps manufactured by Oilon. Oilon are an international company who are based in Finland, with production facilities on 3 continents and a global dealer network.

The Oilon Chillheat pumps have proven themselves to be versatile and reliable, and the level of support and customer service they provide makes them an ideal partner for IEC Heat Solutions.

The Oilon pumps were selected for several factors which are critical to the operation and feasibility of ground source heating installations.

Key Features

IEC specialise in the modelling, installation and maintenance of the Oilon Chillheat ground source heating systems and will help you to understand and operate your heat pump from commissioning onwards.  As always, our customer service and maintenance teams are on hand to ensure that your pump operates to its fullest potential.

  • Excellent efficiency even at high temperature

  • Flexible automation and remote operation capabilities

  • Excellent part load run conditions

  • Compact size

  • Sound proofing enclosure for low noise and low vibration

  • Every unit subject to a factory run test prior to shipment

  • Ability to heat and cool using the same GSHP unit

Maximise heat at minimum cost

IEC specialise in maximising the Co-Efficiency of Performance (COP) of their GHSP units to provide the greatest amount of heat or cooling at the lowest possible cost. This ensures that cost-effective and environmentally friendly thermal power is provided for the business’s needs.

Potato Cold Storage

Cold Storage

  • Chill and heat simultaneously
  • Replace electric costs with an income
  • No fuel deliveries
  • No air emissions
Grain Drying

Grain Drying

  • Retro-fit onto your existing dryer
  • Ability to cool grain before storage
  • No fuel deliveries
  • No air emissions
Poultry Heating

Poultry Heating

  • Heat with warm fresh air and cool in summer
  • Humidity control and lower CO2
  • No fuel deliveries
  • No air emissions
Glasshouse Heating

Poly-tunnels & Glasshouses

  • Integrate with existing heating and distribution
  • Optimise relative humidity control
  • No fuel deliveries
  • No air emissions

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