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IEC Resources was created in 2017 to bring together our experts and managers from across the group, to support all the sectors that IEC Solutions is proud to work with from one team.  With years of experience and many interlinked skill sets, IEC have created a unique resource that can give expert advice and support to a wide range of commercial and agricultural business functions.  Led by Keith Wilson, Managing Director and founder of International Energy Crops Ltd, IEC Solutions can be contacted using the contact page or calling 01630 318 130 to talk to us about your requirements

Renewable heating, renovation, retrofit & remodelling

Many people find that early renewable heating systems are not standing the test of time, or simply do suit the business or process they were installed for anymore.  With our range of engineering expertise, IEC Solutions can redesign, re-purpose or renovate your existing heating system to maximise its function and usability.

Broiler Poultry Consultancy

If your poultry sheds and crops could benefit from a new perspective then IEC Solutions can help!  From ventilation to turnaround schedules, our in house specialists work with each individual farm to bring fresh ideas, the latest industry knowledge and years of experience from farms across the country to maximise your production and returns.

Agronomy & Product Development

As a UK leader for the agronomy and planting of Energy Crops since 2009, IEC Solutions have the in-house experience and knowledge to work with you in establishing productive and secure crops which can be developed with innovative processing to produce value-added goods for sale.  Where you are looking to grow energy crops, animal feeds and forage or combinable crops we can help you bring the best products and prices from your farm to the market.

Mechanical Engineering

At IEC we have always prided ourselves on designing and building our own bespoke machinery, production lines and grain or feed handling systems, in-house at our facilities in Shropshire.  If your project needs an innovative and practical solution to a process or feed project then IEC can work with you to design and build a system to fit your requirements.

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