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IEC farmed beef cattle for many years after buying the farm in 1997 and starting with 100 sucklers and buying in stocks to finish until 2002 when there were 1200 beef cattle on site, growing for major high end supermarkets. The farm maintained a successful and healthy herd until 2003 when diversification of the wider business led to a decision to finish the beef rearing and move into other areas of farming.

However in 2019 IEC decided to return to one of their favourite roots and once again begin beef rearing, this time with a specialist breed finishing unit and grow the famous breed Wagyu for a specific high end market. The old site was completely renovated to allow high welfare housed rearing in small pens, with all of the modern equipment needed to maintain a happy and healthy herd.

Beef Cattle IEC Agriculture

Wagyu - a growing UK market

After being better known as a Japanese delicacy, Wagyu beef is growing in popularity in the UK due to its super-marbled, tenderness and tastiness!

  • The name is derived from ‘wa’ meaning Japanese and ‘gyu’ meaning beef, however farming this stock is now a real opportunity for specialist units across the country.
  • Wagyu beef are grown for 600 days after they are weaned, which is more than double the time that other beef herds are kept.
  • This tasty beef contains a high level of marbling which provides a good source of omega 3 and omega 6
  • Wagyu beef is expensive because of the way that they are raised, the animals need to be kept in a stress-free environment to burn less fat and provided with a special diet to optimise their growth and condition
  • Wagyu Beef are one of the most sedate breeds of cow, making these inquisitive and friendly animals firm favourites with many of the staff and visitors

IEC’s own family vet worked with the farm to research and develop the housing, diet and handling of these animals to produce happy, healthy and tasty beef.

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