Linka Biomass Boiler

Pre Accredited 3 mW Linka Biomass Boiler

IEC Energy recently bought this pre-accredited 3mW Linka biomass boiler and reinstalled it in south Shropshire, the system ...
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Okotherm Biomass Boilers

Pre Accredited 195 kW Okotherm Biomass Boilers

IEC Energy recently bought two used pre-accredited 195kW Okotherm biomass boiler and reinstalled them in Staffordshire, these systems ...
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Oilon Heat Pumps

4,600 kW Oilon GSHP heating warehouses

IEC Energy recently reinstalled four Oilon heat pumps in Staffordshire. These heat pumps will be used for space ...
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Agricultural Discussion Group

IEC and Blymhill Agricultural Discussion Group Farm Walk 

Recently, IEC held a Farm Walk for the Blymhill Agricultural Discussion Group, Blymhill had the opportunity to learn about ...
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Biomass Staffordshire IEC

Biomass boilers for workshop heating

2no Okotherm 200kW heating workshops and stores in Staffordshire, commissioned in April 2023
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Haywood IEC

Biomass boilers Staffordshire

3no Linka H1000 producing animal bedding and drying crops in Staffordshire, commissioned Oct 2022
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Cragg IEC

GSHP for mill heating

2,225kW Ground Source Heat Pump system commissioned in a new grain drying building, Teeside August 2022. Phase II ...
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Rushton IEC

Crop drying Biomass boiler

4no Linka H1000 producing animal bedding and drying crops in Cheshire, commissioned April 2022
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Clapp IEC

GSHP for plant drying

2,225kW GSHP installed in Devon March 2022, to integrate with new and existing drying plants
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Ireland IEC

Broiler shed heating with Biomass

Linka H1000 heating broiler sheds with straw fed on a Linka bale conveyor, commissioned December 2021
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